For employers

Dear Employers,

An insider’s knowledge of the industry sectors in which we operate is important to us. We can offer you the best working HR solution in the industry.

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Our partners, can count on the professional, loyal and correct attitude of our team of specialists who give their best to answer your requirements through:

  1. Researching employer needs.
  2. Finding suitable candidates.
  3. Conducting interviews and checking the qualifications and capabilities of the candidates for the respective positions!
  4. Making contact between employer and employee.
  5. Processing of documents and assistance in the appointment of employees.
  6. Maintaining contact with approved and hired employees and their employers.
  7. Providing assistance in resolving issues of any nature related to the employee’s presentation to the employer.
  8. Assistance in the implementation of the feedback relationship between employee and employer.
  9. Help find the right approach to resolve unusual situations.