RECRIND offers temporary employment

Dear partners,

We are happy to inform you that RECRIND has successfully received a certificate “for carrying out activities as an enterprise that provides temporary work”, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

From this moment we are expanding the type of services as a recruitment agency in the industry.

Personnel leasing, also known as “hired personnel”, is a modern form of labor relations that allows you to be more flexible in cases when you need personnel to perform certain work on time, or to replace absent workers/ employees.

We have an extensive, constantly updated database of candidates interested in temporary employment with valuable experience in various areas of the industry. Thanks to this, we are able to quickly present to YOU ​​- our customers, quality and motivated staff.



You can read more about the advantages and possibilities of this option for employers on our web page:



Learn more about our services and see the advantages of temporary employment for your career development here:

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