At the request of the client, RECRIND can carry out a survey, as well as offer you personnel from Bulgaria and abroad for permanent or for temporary employment.

At RECRIND, as professionals with experience in the industrial sector, we know very well that:

  • The requirements of industrial companies for job candidates are high due to the traditionally large responsibilities for safety, quality, and deadlines that companies have for their customers.
  • The implementation of the relevant industrial activities is carried out with high-tech and expensive equipment, which requires qualified personnel to work with it precisely and responsibly.
  • For positions requested by employers, at RECRIND we apply a selective approach for candidates who look for long-term work and professional commitment to their future employer.

We have an extensive, constantly updated database of candidates with valuable experience in various areas of the industry. Thanks to this, we are able to quickly present to YOU, our customers – qualified and interested staff.

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