At the request of the client, RECRIND can offer you personnel from Bulgaria and abroad for temporary employment.

At RECRIND, as professionals with experience in the industrial sector, we know very well that:

  • In case of peaks in production or temporary loss of key personnel, it is a good practice for companies to look for additional labor to fulfill project commitments.
  • Hiring of staff and their recent release does not contribute to the good image of the company, both in front of the employees and in front of the institutions.

RECRIND can offer you the specialists you need, who competently and with professional interest will carry out the given activity, in the period determined by you.

An advantage is that we have already established relationships with a large number of job candidates based on joint activities on our already successfully implemented projects.

We have an extensive, constantly updated database of candidates interested in temporary employment with valuable experience in various areas of the industry. Thanks to this, we are able to quickly present to YOU, our customers – qualified and motivated staff.

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